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Nothing is for free ….. or is it ??? 

I thought I would turn my attention to those things that you can get for free … or at very least things that may save you money!!!

The first idea is worth considering if you are thinking of buying a second (or third, or fourth ….) PC, for home use, or even an internet cafe' or business centre. Do you know that there is away of more than one user independently using the same PC at the same time? Just think of it, say 4 people using the same PC, all doing different things. You no longer need 4 separate PC's! Yes it is possible! If your internet cafe' has 12 PC, maybe you really only need 4!

How is this possible? Well with more and more powerful PC's your PC spends more time waiting for YOU to do something than you waiting for it! This means that it has lots of spare time just sat there being idle, doing nothing. The addition of a special piece of hardware and some software make use of the PC's 'spare' time to look after extra users! This system is widely used in schools, universities and government offices, but now is available here in Pattaya. So now up to 4 people can use a PC at a fraction of the cost of buying 4 separate PC's! Interested? Contact me (038 720920) for details!

Now, lets look at what free software is worth using. There is loads of free software out there, but what works and what is worth trying? Well, here is a few ideas of stuff you might want to try!


1. Best Free Web Browser
Internet Explorer is a good browser but it has become such a target for malicious exploits that it is now a major security risk. Quite separately, the browser itself is now looking dated with most alternative products offering tabbed browsing and other productivity enhancements. There are several excellent alternatives but Mozilla Firefox is the best by quite a way. One of my technicians ‘made’ me use Firefox and I was impressed! It's safer than Internet Explorer, so safe in fact that many users have reported no spyware infections since they started using the product. It's also browses faster than Internet Explorer and since the release of version, it's stable and reliable as well. It loads a little slower than IE but once running, it zips along at lightning speed. With tabbed browsing and more free extensions than you could ever want, it offers a major upgrade in your browsing experience.  Unlike IE, it's also standards compliant.  You may still have to use IE for those occasional sites that use IE specific features, but for 95%+ of your time try out this one!

FIREFOX (Free Firefox migration guide)

2. Best Free Anti-Virus Software
Here we in the office we like AVG Antivirus 7.5 Free Edition. This product has been constantly upgraded since it was first released in 1991 and now offers very impressive protection capabilities. Additionally, it's relatively small, light on resources, has regular automatic updates and handles email scanning. There is a free and a pro version, the only difference being that the free version has a few non-critical features disabled and has no direct technical support. Give it a try!


3. Best Free Adware / Spyware / Scumware Remover
At the moment here in the office we use SpyBot Search and Destroy but a new free program from Microsoft called Antispyware is currently available at lookslike an even better tool. This is still being developed, but Microsoft say it will still be free when they release the final version. We also use Ad-Aware SE, it's free too and works with all versions of Windows though the free version lacks some of the sophistication of the full, paid product. ( 6.4MB)


4. Best Free Firewall

Two things need to be said about firewalls. First, the number and quality of free products is remarkable. Second, no other single product category seems to cause as many problems to average users in their installation and day-day-use. The easiest to use and install is Kerio Personal Firewall, the product that seems to cause the fewest problems for users. Whilst easy to use, it is also an excellent firewall . More adventurous users and the technically minded may want to consider ZoneAlarm and Sygate .


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