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Point of Sale systems in Pattaya & Bangkok - Liberty Computers

Easy to use POS system designed for Thailand, professionally installed and backed by our 24/7 support team.

For over 16 years we have been providing POS software and hardware throughout Thailand. We are the exclusive distributor of the Retail HQ POS software that is specially designed for Thailand based retail businesses, fully accommodating the needs of business owners in the Thai marketplace.

Additionally we pride ourselves on our service and support, it’s important for your business to have someone available to call to repair any POS issues as fast as possible, especially when these issues could effect your sales.

Our POS systems pay for themselves in as little as 4 months.

How you can profit more with a Point of Sale system:

  • Accurate order taking so no sales are lost
  • Track your product, food and drink stock
  • Report on low stock levels for faster and easier stock management
  • Easily report and pay out drink commission payments
  • Perform payroll faster and easier
  • Generate one click profit / loss statements for accounting
  • Automatically emailed sales, profit and loss statements to management
  • Contact us today for a quote on a Point of Sale system in Pattaya, or for anywhere else!

    We are the official reseller of Retail HQ in Thailand, visit their point of sale website to learn more.


    We have installed over 400 point of sale systems throughout Thailand, we have worked directly with the developers to build a system to specially work with the Thai market.


    You can login to your POS via your phone or computer from anywhere in the world anytime to view reports or real-time activity.


    Our flagship POS software is in English and Thai, for better enabling your staff to work more efficiently.


    Designed specially for the Thai marketplace, our POS software easily manages drink sale commissions for bars.


    You can setup happy hour prices per product. And you can setup discounts for members with a loyalty program members card.


    Our POS system can tell you who is up-selling on desserts, who is taking the most orders, who sells the most profitable items, most bottles of wine.


    In the restaurant business, employee turnover is higher than in any other industry, and training new employees can be an on-going problem. Our POS system uses photos of items where we can to help staff process orders quickly and accurately.


    We can build almost any kind of custom report you need, and the system can automatically email reports daily to accounting staff, owners and management with profit & loss statements.


    The system can be configured to alert when stock levels are low and produce stock order reports by supplier. Keep tabs on when stock was bought and from who and how much stock has been sold.


    The average pay back time for one of our POS systems is between 6-9 months.

    Retail HQ

    Liberty computers is the official reseller of Retail HQ Point of sale software.

    To learn more about Retail HQ, visit their website.

    Get a quick quote today

    Call: 038 360 400

    We speak English and Thai and are here to answer any questions you may have.